About me

I come from Slovakia, Central Europe. Most people think it's Eastern Europe... well, most people don't really know where it is at all. It used to be part of Czecho-Slovakia till the two split peacefully in 1993. What really proves Slovakia is in Central Europe is that one of the official seven centres of Europe lies in Slovakia. Of the remaining six, three are to the west and three to the east. Which makes the Slovak one central of them all.

I've lived in Melbourne, Australia for the last two years. Originally arriving on student visa, I quickly found a job, got sponsored, currently looking into applying for a permanent business visa here.

I work as a web developer, writing software in PHP for an online directory website. It's the best job I could ever dream of as I had expected I would clean or dishwash in Australia. Recently I've started a new project for which I chose Drupal CMS to build it on. I've been trying to get my head around the modules, themes and API's ever since.

Back in Slovakia I worked as a systems programmer for a couple of automation and telecommunication companies on various things like energy consumption monitoring or mobile packet networks. My specialties were embedded GNU/Linux and C.

Apart from programming there's only a few other things that I spend time doing. Recently, the most fun I've had scuba diving. I'm a PADI certified advanced open-water diver with 30 odd dives so far.