How to remove "Anonymous" name from comment form

I've decided to use Drupal for a totally minimalistic website, which I'm sure I would be able to put together from scratch in just a few days. Anyway, I take it as a good exercise in altering and theming even the tiniest elements of a Drupal system.

I ran into a couple of problems while working on the website, but I spent most time on trying to remove the default value from the comment form Name input box. For such a small modification, a few hour struggle has been long enough to trigger a blog post.

Submitting Test Page Unexpectedly Schedules Mailing

After a year's use without an issue, all of a sudden, CiviMail started behaving odd. When creating a new mailing, whenever I submit the Test page, the mailing gets unexpectedly and prematurely scheduled for an immediate delivery. This is true for both the "Send test" and "Next>>" buttons on that page. I haven't tried the "Save & Continue Later" one.

SMS gateway testing account with MX Telecom

Transcript of e-mail communication I've recently had with a programmer working on setting up an SMS system using the MX Telecom gateway. All in all, it sums up my knowledge about mxtel's testing account from a developer's point of view. I believe it could be helpful to people looking to use my mxtel_sms module for Drupal to implement any sort of SMS enabled service.

Good bye old website, I'm moving to Drupal

For over 3 years I had a website built around tweaked Apache's mod_autoindex. I loved what it looked like, how it worked in the background (directories and files, nothing more to it) and what it represented, too. That was back in the days when I was working on a couple of PHP web apps through RentACoder.com.