SMS gateway testing account with MX Telecom

Transcript of e-mail communication I've recently had with a programmer working on setting up an SMS system using the MX Telecom gateway. All in all, it sums up my knowledge about mxtel's testing account from a developer's point of view. I believe it could be helpful to people looking to use my mxtel_sms module for Drupal to implement any sort of SMS enabled service.

From: Cory
Date: 11/07/2010 6:02 PM
To: Jan

My friend and I are working on setting up an SMS system using the MX Telecom gateway, but we don't want to pay for their service until we get it set up. Do you know if there are test credentials or a testing API that we can use for free to test out the module before we commit to it? Also can we use your code or portions of it? What license is it under?

From: Jan
Date: 12/07/2010 9:21 AM
To: Cory

MX Telecom SMS gateway's initial status is "testing", so there definitely is a way to test things out before going live. It is a real account, you can use it to send and receive actual messages, you get delivery reports as well. Number of sent messages is limited to 30 a month or so. Once you're ready to go live, you only need to ask MX Telecom to switch the account status, remove the limit and start billing. No further changes are required on your side, which makes things pretty convenient.

I don't know about the paperwork you'd have to go through, but people who I used to work for have had a testing account for over 9 months now. I don't think they've payed much for it, if at all.

For details, you might want to ring Nick Ris of MX Telecom, Australia:
E: <>
M: +61(0)433 148 541
T: +61(0)2 9332 2141

Another person who I was in contact with, who seemed to be responsible for setting the account up was Lucy Sanderson:
E: <>
T: +61 (0)293 322 141
M: +61 (0)415 644 518

For the US contacts, see

Regarding the code, feel free to use my module. It's distributed under GPL2. Basically, you need to acknowledge the original author and make the modifications available.

The module is working and has been tested with an MX Telecom account. To make things clean, perhaps, calls to cURL should be replaced with Drupal's drupal_http_request().

When making changes to the module, please, consider converting it into a submodule of SMS Framework, as per feature request:

From: Cory
Date: 14/07/2010 12:01 AM
To: Jan

One other question I had is we keep running into things saying we need a short code (in the US) to even use any of these SMS gateways. Is that true for MX Telecom? Or is there a way to get one of those for testing purposes? They're like $2,000 in the US, so it'd be less than ideal for us to have to foot the bill for one purely for testing.

From: Jan
Date: 20/07/2010 11:30 AM
To: Cory

For testing purposes, you don't need to have a short code. You'll be assigned an ordinary phone number to use while testing things out. At least that's how it was set up for us here in Australia.


One of my friend and I trying

One of my friend and I trying to setting up an SMS system using the MX Telecom gateway..but we are not able to do you please help me in that