RB Linux

RB Linux is an embedded mini-distribution I put together while working with Wafer 4823, a single board computer originally shipped with FreeDOS.

Embedded systems running this distribution operate three automated parking lots in Bratislava, Slovakia and half a dozen energy consumption monitoring and controlling systems in industry companies around Slovakia. Enhanced with iptables, RB Linux had been used for years in our appartment's router machine.

ClearCase Completion for Bash

Bash completion script for ClearCase UNIX command line tools. Includes support for 21 clear* commands and 10 cleartool sub-commands.

MX Telecom SMS Gateway for Drupal


Some time ago I took part in an SMS-related website project, which did not materialize in the end. As a result I have been left with my working implementation of MXtelecom's SMS gateway HTTP interface in form of a Drupal module.

Readline Commands Cheatsheet

A cheat sheet of all Readline commands that have the default key binding. The entire content comes from the Readline info manual. The commands I consider the most usefull are highlighted.

BlueTooth at Work

BlueTooth at Work is a Bluetooth library and collection of multiplayer games and programs that run on the Java ME platform, communicating through Bluetooth.

The main goal of the project is to have fun developing the Bluetooth client-server mobile applications. We develop simple applications like Bluetooth chat, and old-school games like Cervii. Bluetooth library called BTLib has been develped to ease creation of such applications.