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How to remove "Anonymous" name from comment form

I've decided to use Drupal for a totally minimalistic website, which I'm sure I would be able to put together from scratch in just a few days. Anyway, I take it as a good exercise in altering and theming even the tiniest elements of a Drupal system.

I ran into a couple of problems while working on the website, but I spent most time on trying to remove the default value from the comment form Name input box. For such a small modification, a few hour struggle has been long enough to trigger a blog post.

Related content in Drupal

I started using the Related Content module a few days ago and was a bit disappointed that for such a simple functionality no proper module seems to be around. While working perfectly a couple of things really got me thinking about how this could have been done better.

Using Taxonomy and Views you can achieve the exact same behavior with what I believe is a more intuitive configuration interface requiring less effort to manage your website's related content.

Related content Block view

Product comparison in Drupal

A few months ago, when I was writing about creating a List of recently viewed nodes in Drupal I mentioned a few other uses for the couple of modules, Flag and Views. One of them, I'm going to expand on today, is the product comparison functionality.

Compare products

List of recently viewed nodes in Drupal

This tutorial attempts to unveil the beauty of Drupal's modular architecture, which allows for combination of three modules to provide a functionality which would at the first thought require a separate software add-on of its own.

Programmatically creating menu items in Drupal

This short how-to tutorial describes a quick and easy way to automatically create hidden menu items for newly created content nodes simply by executing a short PHP snippet when Drupal's Rules module triggers a node creation event. In combination with Menu Breadcrumb module, this allows the site administrator not to grant administer menu permission to users and still have the usable menu trails created for each new node.