How to remove "Anonymous" name from comment form

I've decided to use Drupal for a totally minimalistic website, which I'm sure I would be able to put together from scratch in just a few days. Anyway, I take it as a good exercise in altering and theming even the tiniest elements of a Drupal system.

I ran into a couple of problems while working on the website, but I spent most time on trying to remove the default value from the comment form Name input box. For such a small modification, a few hour struggle has been long enough to trigger a blog post.

Submitting Test Page Unexpectedly Schedules Mailing

After a year's use without an issue, all of a sudden, CiviMail started behaving odd. When creating a new mailing, whenever I submit the Test page, the mailing gets unexpectedly and prematurely scheduled for an immediate delivery. This is true for both the "Send test" and "Next>>" buttons on that page. I haven't tried the "Save & Continue Later" one.

Related content in Drupal

I started using the Related Content module a few days ago and was a bit disappointed that for such a simple functionality no proper module seems to be around. While working perfectly a couple of things really got me thinking about how this could have been done better.

Using Taxonomy and Views you can achieve the exact same behavior with what I believe is a more intuitive configuration interface requiring less effort to manage your website's related content.

Related content Block view

The Pomodoro Technique 3: Pros and Cons

I typically clock eight to nine Pomodoros a day. You can easily calculate, that even with nine Pomodoros a day, that is four and a half hours of work. With the break time excluded, on an average day, I manage to stay focused for 3 hours and 45 minutes. Out of an eight hour working day that doesn't seem too much, does it?

The Pomodoro Technique 2: First week, an average day

The first part of the Pomodoro Technique series contained a quick description of the Pomodoro Technique's key features as I see them. There's a couple of areas that the book does not cover thoroughly and which I see many people ask about. Most often it's the questions about putting the technique into action, dealing with interruptions, filling the individual sheets etc. To give you an idea how to use the technique in an actual working environment, here is my experience with it over my first working week of 2011.

The Pomodoro Technique: What is it?

If you're like me, you've been struggling with motivation, productivity and procrastination your whole life. There's no easy cure for these problems and I don't have one either. Though, what I came across recently, gave me so much hope, that I had to spread the word and share my experience after only one week of applying it into my work life.

This story deals with what is known as the Pomodoro Technique, a simple time boxing technique with planning, tracking and recording features, very easy to put in practice even for people like me, who have almost lost the hope of ever beating the habit of procrastination.

Product comparison in Drupal

A few months ago, when I was writing about creating a List of recently viewed nodes in Drupal I mentioned a few other uses for the couple of modules, Flag and Views. One of them, I'm going to expand on today, is the product comparison functionality.

Compare products

SMS gateway testing account with MX Telecom

Transcript of e-mail communication I've recently had with a programmer working on setting up an SMS system using the MX Telecom gateway. All in all, it sums up my knowledge about mxtel's testing account from a developer's point of view. I believe it could be helpful to people looking to use my mxtel_sms module for Drupal to implement any sort of SMS enabled service.

RB Linux

RB Linux is an embedded mini-distribution I put together while working with Wafer 4823, a single board computer originally shipped with FreeDOS.

Embedded systems running this distribution operate three automated parking lots in Bratislava, Slovakia and half a dozen energy consumption monitoring and controlling systems in industry companies around Slovakia. Enhanced with iptables, RB Linux had been used for years in our appartment's router machine.

ClearCase Completion for Bash

Bash completion script for ClearCase UNIX command line tools. Includes support for 21 clear* commands and 10 cleartool sub-commands.

List of recently viewed nodes in Drupal

This tutorial attempts to unveil the beauty of Drupal's modular architecture, which allows for combination of three modules to provide a functionality which would at the first thought require a separate software add-on of its own.

MX Telecom SMS Gateway for Drupal


Some time ago I took part in an SMS-related website project, which did not materialize in the end. As a result I have been left with my working implementation of MXtelecom's SMS gateway HTTP interface in form of a Drupal module.

Readline Commands Cheatsheet

A cheat sheet of all Readline commands that have the default key binding. The entire content comes from the Readline info manual. The commands I consider the most usefull are highlighted.

Programmatically creating menu items in Drupal

This short how-to tutorial describes a quick and easy way to automatically create hidden menu items for newly created content nodes simply by executing a short PHP snippet when Drupal's Rules module triggers a node creation event. In combination with Menu Breadcrumb module, this allows the site administrator not to grant administer menu permission to users and still have the usable menu trails created for each new node.

BlueTooth at Work

BlueTooth at Work is a Bluetooth library and collection of multiplayer games and programs that run on the Java ME platform, communicating through Bluetooth.

The main goal of the project is to have fun developing the Bluetooth client-server mobile applications. We develop simple applications like Bluetooth chat, and old-school games like Cervii. Bluetooth library called BTLib has been develped to ease creation of such applications.

Good bye old website, I'm moving to Drupal

For over 3 years I had a website built around tweaked Apache's mod_autoindex. I loved what it looked like, how it worked in the background (directories and files, nothing more to it) and what it represented, too. That was back in the days when I was working on a couple of PHP web apps through